JAM Sessions Artist Roster

The Ford Theatres JAM Sessions Artist Roster is a list of Los Angeles County artists experienced in facilitating public arts engagement activities. The roster includes artists who have experience leading engagement activities to intergenerational participants. They have facilitated multiple JAM Sessions in locations including the Ford, community centers, public parks and schools.

JAM Sessions are interactive participatory events centered around movement and music. They require facilitators to be knowledgeable in their art form while being collaborative and ad adpative in the planning and execution of the event. This vetted list of arts facilitators sets a warm, welcoming and responsive environment which entices involvment by each person in attendance.

Artist should be contacted directly for more information or bookings. See individual pages.

For futher assistance, please contact Caroline Change at cchang@ford.lacounty.gov


Blue13 Dance Company Slideshow 1 Blue13 Dance Company
Genre: Bollywood
Christine Inouye Slideshow 1 Christine Inouye
Genre: Japanese Folk Dance
Genre: Salsa Dance
Susan Michaels Slideshow 1 Susan Michaels
Genre: Square Dance
Versa-Style Dance Company Slideshow 1 Versa-Style Dance Company
Genre: Hip Hop Dance
Viver Brasil Slideshow 1 Viver Brasil Dance Company
Genre: Samba Dance
Yeko Ladzekpo-Cole Yeko Ladzekpo-Cole
Genre: African Drum & Dance