The Secret City at the Ford

Chris Wells, The Secret City

Many years ago, Chris Wells started The Secret City as a way to create a re-energizing ritual for worn-out artists, a place to find joy, inspiration and communion with one another. Wells is an award-winning writer, actor and community leader and on October 14, he'll be using the natural beauty of the Ford as the space for the next Secret City in LA. 

Tickets on sale now!

2018 and the Ford is back for its first full five-month season since 2013. If you didn’t get a chance to check out our new digs last year, 2018 is the year to swing by. 

With so much outstanding work by so many stellar artists, the Ford Theatres’ season celebrates Los Angeles as a major cultural capital of the world. The 2018 season is packed to the gills with contemporary dance, jazz greats, film festivals, folklorico dance, rock ‘n’ roll, romantic trios, opera, spoken word and so much more.

Making Meaningful Connections

A Ford Theatres Pop Up Production featuring The Filharmonic

One of our favorite things about live music is its ability to draw audiences together through shared experience. Over the weekend, we witnessed this in full force. The artists that opened the Ford’s summer season – TAIKOPROJECT, Quetzal, Aloe Blacc and guests – did what artists do best. They took what is happening in their world, which also happens to be happening in our world, and incorporated it into their performances. Their soulful melodies, timely lyrics and thoughtful words created a space where we could connect with each other as we struggled to process the violence of the week.


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