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KCRW and Fusicology present Louie Vega

Dance Music Master Louie Vega Electrifies the Ford with an Explosion of Global Groove

October 15, 2018 | Behind the Scenes
Brick by brick, Bronx-born Louie Vega has built up an epic reputation as a global master of the music that makes people groove. As a club DJ, track producer, record remixer, radio personality, recording artist and house music legend, Vega has spent the last four decades with his ear to the ground and his hands on the pulse of the very best in dance music. 
Chris Wells, The Secret City

The Secret City at the Ford

October 09, 2018 | Announcements
Many years ago, Chris Wells started The Secret City as a way to create a re-energizing ritual for worn-out artists, a place to find joy, inspiration and communion with one another. Wells is an award-winning writer, actor and community leader and on October 14, he'll be using the natural beauty of the Ford as the space for the next Secret City in LA. 
Serenata Filipina at the Ford

Serenata Filipina Ver 2.0

September 26, 2018
Serenata Filipina is back (version one took place in 2014) with an evening so jam-packed with performers that I spend most of my interview with organizer and singer Annie Nepomuceno just getting them all straight.

Soldier Songs: Perception vs. Reality on the Front Lines

September 19, 2018
If your only exposure to the ravages of war is through a small screen from the relative comfort of your couch, you don’t know what war is or how its aftermath affects the men and women on the front lines. Those who have experienced it first hand, however, are profoundly affected in ways most of us will never fully comprehend. In Soldier Songs, a groundbreaking multimedia concert from award-winning composer David T. Little and filmmaker Bill Morrison, elements of theatre, opera, rock, and film are combined to contrast the perceptions and realities of war from the soldier's perspective.
Xenia Rubinos

Xenia Rubinos and Lauren Baba’s theBABAorchestra Bring It on October 6

September 12, 2018 | Behind the Scenes
Celebrating its 10th anniversary, LA’s Angel City Jazz Festival is known for focusing on the future of jazz, while nurturing a deep respect for its history. This year, Angel City has a special evening planned for the Ford, with singer/multi-instrumentalist Xenia Rubinos and composer/band leader Lauren Baba’s theBABAorchestra.
Wayne Kramer on guitar

Wayne Kramer: Still Kicking Out the Jams After 50 Years

September 05, 2018 | Behind the Scenes
Wayne Kramer – one of Rolling Stone’s greatest guitarists of all time and co-founder of what many rock historians consider to be one of the very first punk bands, Detroit’s legendary MC5 -- is a true soul survivor. He’s conquered a serious drug addiction, served time for selling cocaine, sadly outlived three of his four MC5 bandmates and, after an against-all-odds comeback in the 1990s, is living his best life at age 70. He regularly composes music for film and television, pays it forward with his tireless activism, and continues to spread his revolutionary former band’s message.
Finding a Line


August 29, 2018 | Behind the Scenes
Finding a Line is something we do, not just something we see.  It’s not just a performance, it’s a process.  And while we can seek it on our own, we can only find it together. Finding a Line at the Ford is part of an ongoing, community-sourced public art project at the intersection of music, art, photography, filmmaking and whatever else is inspired by the creative act of skateboarding.
Mivos Quartet and Saul Williams performing

An Electrifying Evening of Kindred Cultural Collaboration

August 21, 2018 | Behind the Scenes
Imagine having your most profound existential musings and quiet introspections matched thought for thought by a string quartet… At Ford Theatres on September 6, as part of the provocative IGNITE @ the FORD! series, hip-hop poet Saul Williams will perform with neo classical Mivos Quartet, a string ensemble devoted to performing works of contemporary composers and presenting new music to diverse audiences. The two will perform in the most intimate of settings, with the audience seated on the stage.