Thank you!

Yet another season has come to a close and we have so much to be grateful for. Each of you, our friends, made this season fun-filled and memorable.


All season long, you connected over shared experiences. Perhaps you dined on The Zev with your boo. Or, you laughed with friends while trying to move your body in a new way at a JAM Session. Whatever your experiences were, we hope they made you feel like this was your place to be.


As we take a breath before planning begins for next year, we thought this would be the perfect time to look back at what made this season so special. You!



Ford Theatres audience


Afro-Cuban Dance JAM Session


Lula Washington Dance Theatre audience



Anna Wise audience


Afro-Cuban Dance JAM participants


Louie Vega audience


Patrons on the plaza


Rock Out! audience




audience at LOST


Patrons on The Zev



Thank you for coming into our home. For getting stacked, taking a ride share or parking off-site. For smiling and enjoying yourselves. You rock in so many ways.


More Photos from the Season