The Secret City at the Ford

Chris Wells, The Secret City

With the hum of the news cycle at an almost constant fever pitch, the background noise to our ever more busy lives, how do we find peace and community?

Many years ago, Chris Wells started The Secret City as a way to create a re-energizing ritual for worn-out artists, a place to find joy, inspiration and communion with one another. Wells is an award-winning writer, actor and community leader and on October 14, he'll be using the natural beauty of the Ford as the space for the next Secret City in LA. 

“Lately, I’ve been thinking of The Secret City as a tent revival," Chris states. "But tent revival might make you think of fire and brimstone and people speaking in tongues. So, maybe I should say artistic tent revival, but don’t let the artistic part of that phrase make you think it’s exclusive: The Secret City is for anyone in need of reconnecting to their source."

For the event – part ceremony, part salon, part show – Chris has booked quite the line-up:

- Patrice Quinn, fresh off her performance with Kamasi Washington at the Hollywood Bowl last week, will perform.
- Actor John C. Reilly will sing an old timey song.
- The Cake Divas will provide a delicious food offering.
- Daniel Passer (Cirque de Soleil clown) will recreate paintings of passion from the canon.
- Actress Saidah Arrika Ekulona will read the cultural calendar.
- The Secret City Band will be holding it down while The Secret City Singers perform.
- And the host, Chris Wells himself, will tell a story and lead everyone on a transformational and joyful journey.

The theme is passion and the color to wear is red.

When does all this frivolity take place? On a Sunday, naturally. 

The Secret City takes place in the Ford's outdoor amphitheatre on Sunday, October 14 at noon. Tickets are only $10. Go here for more info.