Savion Glover’s Tap Telegraphs the Struggles, the Hope and the Triumphs of Modern Life

Savion Glover
Savion Glover

by A. Scott Galloway

In his inimitable and electrifying way, Savion Glover’s role in helping the art of tap dance continue to thrive for future generations cannot be understated. 

His goal in the perpetuation and elevation of tap as an art form is telling stories through dance alone – without script, voiceover or narrative – and for audiences to “tap in,” if you will, to the essence of these tales as cognitively as they would watching a movie, a play or a rock concert. As a performance artist, Glover has integrated tap with acting and choreography concepts that cross centuries of disciplines and styles…from ballet to hip-hop…dancing before American presidents and dignitaries around the globe. 

Kicking off the opening weekend of the 2017 Summer Season and christening the highly anticipated IGNITE @ the FORD! series, Glover will present an omnibus of rhythm centered around a much needed message of hope for today’s challenging times. Joining Glover in this celebratory evening will be his renowned dance ensemble featuring Marshall Davis, Jr., Robyn Watson and Karissa Royster, with live music by the acclaimed Dance Candy band, a six-piece group of rhythm, vocals and trumpet.  

For over three decades, proud torchbearer Savion Glover has only begun to blow the dust off this hallowed dance form - shaking it up for future generations and utmost representation.

Savion Glover in Concert performs July 15 at the Ford Theatres; tickets start at $55.