Give Culture, Get Culture

Photographed by Gennia Cui for the Ford Theatre Foundation.

After a weekend of pie, crazy family members (that we love) and even crazier discounts, you’re probably feeling the itch to do some good and to give back a little to the folks that really “get” you.

We get that you’re sick of hearing the same songs over and over on the radio. We get that you want fresh local acts, to experience the culture of your neighbors and to share yours. To experience the genuine LA.

We get that making connections can be hard these days. You crave real-life interaction: drumming out a cool rhythm with a new friend or getting sassy with your family while you learn Bollywood dance. You deserve to be outdoors, in nature, having a blast under the summer stars.

We get that trying something new can be scary. You deserve a safe space, where you can learn to tap or samba without judgment (and without breaking the bank).

Consider including us in your end of year giving and thanks for “getting” us!