Ford on the Road Neighborhood Guide: Pomona

Two Pomona locals you helped guide us though their beautiful city! (Photo by Kim Kandel)
Two Pomona locals who helped guide us though their beautiful city!

Last weekend, we hung out at the Downtown Pomona Art Walk and got sassy with the energetic dancers of Blue13 Dance Company during their Bollywood JAM Session! We’ve got a couple more JAMs coming up in Pomona (Samba in September and Cumbia in October), so we decided to ask some local JAMmers to share their favorite things to do and places to go in the area. Using their expertise, we bring you a 100% local, crowd-sourced Ford on the Road Neighborhood Guide! Enjoy.

Best place to grab a bite to eat:

Located on 2nd Street, just steps from where the Ford’s JAM Sessions take place, The Burger House is a local favorite spot for dining. As if its name weren’t enough of a hint, their juicy burgers are a must try. Add an order of thick-cut garlic fries, a refreshing craft beer or a creamy strawberry milkshake, and you’ll get the full Burger House experience. And don’t just take our word for it: each local that we spoke to recommended this restaurant for its casual, cool/urban atmosphere, out-of-the-ordinary burger options and wide selection of beer.

This tantalizing burger was the number one recommendation from locals! (Photo courtesy of Yelp)

This tantalizing burger was the #1 recommendation from locals! (Photo courtesy of Yelp)

Best museum:

The American Museum of Ceramic Art(AMOCA) is a rarity among museums in that it only exhibits ceramic art. According to one Pomona local, it’s a place that everyone should check out at least once! Fascinating fact: the museum is housed in the former Pomona First Federal bank and along one gallery wall is a beautiful mosaic mural by Pomona-born artistMillard Sheets. This 78-foot mural, called “Panorama of the Pomona Valley,” gives a visual 100-year history of the valley before Pomona was incorporated in 1888. Other noteworthy attractions at AMOCA include a bank vault that was turned into an exhibition gallery, a collection of ceramic art history books and periodicals, and the Ceramics Studio, which offers a space for visiting artists to work as well as classes.


“Panorama of the Pomona Valley” by Millard Sheets at AMOCA. (Photo by Gene Sasse)

Best way to satisfy your sweet tooth:

Ever wondered what is at the Fairplex when the LA County Fair isn’t in full swing? You’re in luck: Dr. Bob’s Handcrafted Ice Cream factory plant is there all year round! Given it’s a factory, the experience is quite different than your typical ice cream store outing. Instead of buying a scoop or a cone, Dr. Bob’s sells pints for $5 each. With that price and their eclectic variety of flavors, ranging from “Scharffen Berger Really Dark Chocolate” to “Strawberries with Sour Cream & Brown Sugar,” it’s definitely worth checking out! If you want to get your ice cream at the source, you’ll need to come early – the factory store closes at 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and is closed on weekends. To find Dr. Bob’s ice cream at other markets and eateries go here.

The striking
The striking “Pomona Envisions the Future” mural. (Courtesy of Pomona Proud)

Fun fact: Dr. Bob is professor emeritus of Cal Poly Pomona’s Collins College of Hospitality Management. And what’s his favorite ice cream flavor? Scharffen Berger Really Dark Chocolate!

Best piece of public art:

At the intersection of Thomas and 2nd Streets, just a few feet from our JAM area, lives the beautiful mural “Pomona Envisions the Future.” At 140 feet wide and 42 feet high, the piece illustrates the region’s history from the pre-European times through the agricultural and industrial ages. We also learned that the mural was created by Envisioning the Future, a community-based project which included over 80 Pomona artists.

When we were visiting, the graceful lady depicted in the mural set the perfect backdrop for a swinging jazz band that was playing in the adjacent courtyard!

A recent exhibit at the dA Center for the Arts featured custom toys. (Courtesy of L.A. Taco)

A recent exhibit at the dA Center for the Arts featured custom toys. (Courtesy of L.A. Taco)

Best thing to do for free:

The dA Center for the Arts was another favorite among locals. The Center features an array of art exhibitions, classes, workshops, concerts, screenings and performing arts events. On Art Walk Saturdays, the center is open late and admission is free!

Check out our upcoming free JAM Sessions here.